Who We Are

Savanna Bible Church is an independent, Bible-believing church located in Savanna, Illinois.

Generations ago the community came together to form the First Christian Church of Savanna on November 4, 1904.  Through several name and location changes, Savanna Bible Church remains a cornerstone of faith in the community dedicated to teaching God’s Word for generations to come.

The body of believers at Savanna Bible Church meets every Sunday at 10:30 am for worship.  Please join us.

For more information about us, click the tabs to the left.  We have ministries serving all ages and opportunities to become a part of our family.

A member of the Sinnissippi Baptist Association of Illinois.

Services restart on June 21, 2020

Pastor Mike has been recording a video Bible study each week, going through the book of Judges. You can see the studies at this link:

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